Friday, March 20, 2009

Twilight Party

Twilight Party!

The new release of the Twilight DVD that is coming on midnight caused millions of Twilight fans go crazy!!!!

Where is it?
It is all over the place: Wall Mart, Hot Topic... You name it
If you want to find a location of where the party took place than visit this website and enter your Zip code

Twilight Party Highlight

"Twilight Party"

Fans are going crazy as they are waiting for the final countdown of the movie release and it will happen at midnight on Friday. It already happened.

So come to the Twilight Party

Twilight Party

Here are some locations

I L. A., at Hott Topic at 6802 Hollywood Blvd.

In Chicago, at Hott Topic at 143 Yorktown, Lombard.

In Salt Lake City, at Wal-Mart at 13502 S. Hamilton View Rd., Riverton

In Dallas, at Borders at 965 West Bethany Dr., Allen, and at Blockbuster at 5649 Lebanon, Frisco.

And in New York, at Borders at 2 Penn Plaza.

There are milllions of other locations so please come to Twilight Party